Sunday, 11 July 2010

Damn Fine Cheese

I am reminiscing about some fantastic aged gouda bought whilst in Bath, from the wonderful Fine Cheese Co shop. What a wonderful shop it is. They employ good looking boys who know all about cheese. I didn't really need to ask the questions as I already knew the answers but I was just quizzing the eye candy to see how much he knew. And he did a good job. A little bit of tasting and some good knowledge and I felt inclined to buy. I'm glad I did as the gouda is creeping into my top ten of cheeses. You only need a little nibble and it sends your taste buds to tingle tastic.

Ooooo cheese - I love's the best use of a cow (or sheep or goat) I can think of.......though that Peter Luger steak is now playing on my mind....

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